Certified Translation Office

Highly reputable and widely recognized organization specialized in providing translation services in all fields. We are an official certificate examiner for The Arab Professional Translators Society.

Member of the Arabic Translation & Intercultural Dialogue Association in addition to enjoying membership in the World Association of Arab Translators & Linguists.

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Top Clients Retention

We values relationships. Maybe that's why we have a 98% client retention rate.


  • Extreme Confidentiality
  • Quick Service
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • High Quality
  • and so much more...


Widely Recognized Translation Office in Jeddah

Al-Shanawani Translation Office has climbed to the pinnacle of translation markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; it is ranked at the top of the best local translation organizations, and it has gained prominent stature at the international level with renowned and unique project credits thanks to its distinguished quality of bringing the nuances of one language to another.

10 Step Quality Assurance Process

Ensuring High Quality Professional Translation

All translation projects undergo a multi-layered process of checks and reviews in order to ensure the highest degree of quality. Over the years, we’ve developed a 10-Step Quality Assurance process that enables us to deliver spot-on translations and the highest quality output.

Steps are: (1) Project Review, (2) Translation Preparation, (3) Glossary Development, (4) Translation, (5) Copy Editing, (6) Translator/Client Review, (7) Formatting, (8) Quality Control/Proofreading, (9) Final Translator Review, (10) Final Check/Delivery