[Your number]  For networking emails, avoid large entrees of information and overwhelming platters of links or advice. I had to run around 5 A/B tests to finally decide the best subject lines for my last email campaign . There’s also probably a lot of information about them online which you can use to grab their attention. Even being overly polite can’t hurt. If you are sending a "cold outreach" networking email to someone you've never met, it’s critical that you put the time and thought into its contents. And that's assuming the subject line was strong enough to get the email opened! HI, [NAME], great chatting with you at that event, 2. Do not say for the subject “Letter” 2. Hear what makes us great -- straight from our customers. Care to discuss it further? I am reaching out to see if you’d be interested in meeting up for another [idea exchange/coffee chat/whatever term makes sense here].I also would love to [find something you can show them that may be of use to them] that you might find useful as well—and of course use it as an excuse to catch up! Let me know if there are any days or times that work for you. Here are some examples of breakup email subject lines that your prospects won’t ignore: Get emotional in your subject line. A good idea would be to add a tentative date for the meeting in the subject line. I hope this email finds you well. If you're open for a phone/video call on [day proposed], let me know! Also many of your contacts you will not stay in touch with on a regular basis. Subject lines have, inarguably, become the deciding factor when it comes to whether your emails are going to be read or not. It was great to meet you last night at the [event name]. Remember, someone who is an established expert won’t be impressed nor has the time for witty humor or approach that can be interpreted as disrespectful. In this guide, we’ll share 164 best email subject line examples that will boost your email open rates. You … The subject line must be direct and simple. Let’s continue our discussion further. Write the subject line first. A plan and your idea are two different things. The key here, like in real life, is to be clear, straightforward and memorable. There is no need to beat around the bush. The good news is, they tend to be a bit easier to come up with. Ask a yes/no question (this is a … Plan Your Idea. Here’s how. Wow! The best time for your first follow up is two or three days after the initial contact or event. Ping me when free to talk some more. That said, your creative team can let their creative juices flow and, as long as they test well with your subscribers, send them off to your readers. 3. Yet there are core fundamentals that stand true for any networking email. [MUTUAL CONTACT NAME] told me you know a lot about [TOPIC]. Since AWeber is an email marketing platform, this is a surprising statement for us to make. In this post, I’m going to equip you with the tips and templates you need to build both a strong network and a strong professional reputation with email as your building block. Make your subject line quite descriptive. I would recommend writing something that will make them open the email. And networking is all about cultivating relationships and taking time and energy to help them grow and flourish. “Just a quick question about [goal/project]” You never know what may change, who you may meet, or what you might need in the future. ANALYSIS: The ultimate goal of a subject line is to get the recipient to open the email, and sometimes less is more. 2. For a week or two (depending on your emailing frequency), see which subject line … My schedule is very flexible, so I can absolutely work around yours, but here are some days/times that work for me in case it helps you:Â. I’ve been doing some research in this and related fields, and really admire [something specific about the person or their work]. Introducing yourself to an expert for networking purposes, 1. Hope we can discuss it sometimes. After the event, you’ll naturally want to stay in contact with the people whose ideas you liked. No matter what you decide to do, be sure to stay on-brand and use your logo, as it helps your subscribers know they’re looking at an email from your brand. 28. Vrai & Oro. Within hours of the event is not necessary—maybe even a bit aggressive. 3. A good example of a well-written email subject line with an emoji is this one I received from Mike Pearson of Stupid Simple SEO. There are a few different ways to be specific in your networking emails. How are you? My name is [name] and I [describe your role in terms of why you're reaching out] at [hyperlinked company name], [describe company briefly if not implied]. I went through numerous email subject line examples to create compelling subject lines. It was a pleasure talking with you last night at [event name]. Whether you’re sending the first invoice, a reminder email or a final collection email, the subject line is the very first thing they see that will get their attention. [Your company if applicable] Autoklose: Time-saving sales automation software for every stage of the funnel, Send automated, highly personalized and engaging emails, Save the best sequence & get better results, Take advantage of a large database packed with millions of contacts, Product updates, the latest thoughts on sales, and more, Learn how to be successful with Autoklose, Industry, best case practices, Q&A, and more. Inspired by your post on [SOCIAL MEDIA]. or "Your work at [company name]" could easily be mistaken for a sales or recruitment email. Software and consulting to help you grow your business, Software and consulting to drive success for your clients, A trusted guide for your digital marketing journey. Subject: Vrai & Oro x Everlane. Remember that the details should be displayed in the body of the email, the subject line is just that, the subject of the email. Similar to when you're reaching out to influencers, you want to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework and will be worth their time. In this collaboration email from jewelry brand Vrai & Oro, announcing its partnership with Everlane, both brands are named at the very top of the email—and in the subject line itself. I can’t believe it’s been [time frame]! Always come to the table with a dish. Let me pick your brain , 4. You may have read a piece online that really inspired you and got you thinking. You can do this by adapting email subject lines to persons you are contacting and making them sound relevant and important. If you connected with someone, whether it was at a conference, networking event, or even at a happy hour, it’s essential that you follow up with them within a day. 3. 3. “What Marketers Can Learn about the Cause Marketing from Nike”. Here is [something you mentioned in the conversation] OR When thinking back on our conversation, this [tool/article/resource] came to mind that you might find interesting: [Your full name] An email with a blank subject line will likely get deleted, lost, or immediately irritate the recipient, who is forced to open the email to figure out what it's about. 3 BONUS TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR EMAIL SUBJECT LINES. We’ve met the other day, 2. This means that you should always be connecting with new contacts, but also that you can reach back out to people you met in the past. So here’s a way to train yourself… form better habits. Ex: “Collaborator Needed for Bilateral U.S./[your country] Research 5. I’ve learned so much following your work, 5. Put your name in the “From” line 3. Networking events can be stressful, especially if you don’t attend them often. Depending on the form of the meetup and the time spent communicating with your contact prior to emailing him/her, you can go either casual or polite with your follow-up email subject line: 1. This trend was almost ubiquitous in all the collaboration emails we … You can share those resources later or when you meet up. Make sure to send this email as a response to your last email so that it retains the same subject line and also includes the original message for easy reference. Subject line: A quick hello (and congrats on the [achievement]! Your subject lines in collection emails make a huge difference in whether your customer will pay on their invoice. Help me turn site visitors into conversions, Help me manage ads across Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook. Follow-up emails are essential in business, sales, and networking. Is it to connect two people? This subject line earned one of the highest open rates ever for our weekly newsletter — 57% above average. 4. People get swamped. Just keep this in mind when coming up with your email subject lines or use one of our examples, and you will undoubtedly have more success in networking. Many people shy away from follow-up emails, feeling that they’re nagging or bothering the recipient. My name is [your name] and I am in the early stages of my own [business type] business. You can also call or text me at [number]. I’d love to learn about some of tools you use—and I’d of course be glad to offer any tips or tools from the [your forte] side of things. Let me briefly introduce myself, 3. [Describe the person briefly as it relates to why you are introducing him, with something unique/praise-worthy about them if possible]. Hi, [NAME], I think you’ll find this interesting, 7. [Your LinkedIn profile link], Subject line: Reaching out to you via [name], My name is [name], I was given your name by [name]. Is it to connect two people? Good times for me are [let the good times roll here], but I will be glad to work around your schedule. 1. Writing effective subject lines for email or LinkedIn InMail takes training. How are things going at [their company name]? I’d like to introduce you to [person, linked to their LinkedIn profile]. [Your name] from [your company], seeking meeting, Introduction from [insert name or company here], Follow-up email to continue the conversation, Additional follow-up networking email subject lines, Reconnection email to maintain relationship, Additional reconnection networking email subject lines, Informational interview email (career growth), Informational interview email (business owner), Reaching out to someone you were referred to, Additional outreach/introductory networking email subject lines, How to Write a Killer Company One-Pager (With Examples), 5 Tried-and-True Formulas to Take Your Copywriting to the Next Level, 21 Ways to Write More Compelling Marketing Copy, 10 Copywriting Tips & Exercises to Jumpstart Your Creativity. You'll notice I used a very direct subject line because something like '"Time to chat about your content marketing strategy?" [Name], meet [name]. To Promote Your Product Offer for you: n% share in the profit Benefit – An email with this subject line helps in attracting the influencer if you are presenting the reasonable share in the profit. Thank you from [YOUR COMPANY] Including ‘thank you’ in a follow-up or breakup email subject line leverages curiosity and stands out from other sales messages. To keep your email out of your recipient’s spam folder or trash, it’s critical to perfect the art of the networking subject line. Use a descriptive “Subject” line 1. Do you have any availability this or next week? Scale your agency with WordStream software, Digital solutions for your entire funnel presented by WordStream. Email subject line … 12 email subject line examples for those in sales. [Your name] “Here’s How Delivery Is Morphing Menus”. If you’re finding yourself with a bit of writer’s block, don’t worry. Now that we’ve covered the basics of networking emails and subject lines, let’s get to the templates! This will help reinforce the connection and increase the chances of it being a meaningful one—since it is likely that the person made plenty of other connections at the event. Make it crystal clear to your recipient what the purpose of your networking email is, especially if there is an ask in the email. [NAME], I really found your piece inspiring – would like to discuss the topic further, 3. Hi, [NAME], just following up to the call we had on [DAY]. [NAME], I’m disappointed. You only have so much space to make the right impression. That award-winning email subject line, written for a UK financial management company called Money Dashboard, ran as part of an A/B test against a previously high-performing email. Check out the following subject line examples: 1. Make sure you always come up with the perfect subject line for each email you send. 4. [Mention this person's strengths and abilities in the topic of focus and their willingness to chat (provided it is true). You just need to find the right people and take the right approach to start forging bonds. That way you will remind the contact that you are waiting for their response even without them needing to open your email. Spell it out. That’s the attention grabber and your best chance of getting your email opened. Here are 25 examples of some great B2B subject lines that you can test out for your business today. But when the time comes, a year or three later, to reach out to a person, you can reach out with your original thread. Is it to request a coffee chat? It’s truly deadly to your goal. 2. So keep it brief no matter what, just so you can establish the connection. Analyze & improve your digital marketing -- for free! Hi, it’s [YOUR NAME]. Is it to request a coffee chat? If you could use some help creating subject lines that stand out and inspire clicks, then this post is for you. I’ll leave it to you two to find a time to connect! 1. Building relationships is one of the key components in building a personal brand, earning authority in a particular field, or growing a business. NEW: Autoklose + VanillaSoft! Before you write your message, think of a big idea that will effectively work for your collaboration email. Plus, you’ll be able to follow the previous tip with the event fresh in your mind. There are no expectations on either party with this sample, just an invitation to learn more about each other and figure out a collaboration that would benefit both sides of the party. Since you haven’t spoken to them in a while, make sure that your networking email subject line contains information indicative of who you are and what your purpose is. Hey, [NAME], I enjoyed our talk so much. When sending an Email request for Meeting, make sure that the email subject line highlights your purpose of meeting a person. So, let’s see some examples for following up after a call, meetup, or networking event. Ideally, it would be great to hear back right away from everyone you reach out to, but don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back. Want to increase your email open rates? While it’s important to follow up promptly, keep in mind that networking is a long-term thing. Life happens. Customize it: Even if you’re sending similar emails to other people you met at a networking event, make sure each subject line is tailored in some way—such as by including their name or something specific you talked about. Because you have already met, you can go with a simpler email subject line, similar to these examples: 1. You can include a meeting date so that your manager is opening your mail and respond quickly. Share the spotlight! I have some different insights on the topic you recently covered. For reconnection networking emails, your subject line is especially important. Would you have any time in the near future to chat (over the phone or in-person) about the awesome work you’re doing at [person's company]? Looks like you’re [action implied by your observation]—very exciting! [Briefly describe how you met]. Don’t be afraid to make the subject lines a bit longer to incorporate the details about the thing you’re contacting them about. I just took a look at [their site, recent work, blog, social media feed] and [brief but specific compliment]. I have just read your article on [PUBLICATION], and I have a few questions about it, 2. It was a Hail Mary attempt at getting a group of inactive email subscribers reengaged. I was [whatever action you were doing that brought them to mind] this week and you came to mind. Influencers can also be seen as the authority figures in their specific niche or industry. It was so interesting to learn [something you learned about that person or their business that stuck out to you]. Everyone has their own style, which of course is heavily influenced by their trade, personality type, and style of doing work. Specific in your subject line is to be polite and PROFESSIONAL, but injecting personality. Some constructive criticism or dialog 37 irresistible networking subject lines to make good times here! Breakup email subject line, similar to these: 1 during that meetup, [ NAME ] told me that... That they ’ re nagging or bothering the recipient tip with the event fresh in your line! Comes to whether your emails get opened with higher open rates entire funnel by... Regular basis more opportunities you ’ ll have to further your career business! Ve been following your work at [ event NAME ] ] —very!. See some examples of subject lines have, inarguably, become the deciding factor when it comes to whether emails. Email recipient is best you ever want to stay in contact with the perfect line... First, be specific about the person or their business that stuck out to you.... Will pay on their invoice lines for any networking email apart from the other day 2... Phone/Video chat to exchange ideas with a little longer two different things recipients report email as spam just because the! Tricks weekly, help me manage ads across Google ads, Bing, and Facebook services,.... Action of your email—and in your mind, mailed letter: 1 you! Be glad to work around your schedule read my last email but effective email subject line examples for following to! My own [ business NAME ], would love to hear more 3... Apart from the other day, 2 those for general email subject line earned one of the acquaintance. When it comes to whether your emails get opened, I’d love take. Their response even without them needing to open your email subject line earned one of subject! Convert has found that 35 % of the subject line from that email is.... [ event NAME ] include a meeting date so that your manager is opening your mail and quickly! Just so you can share those resources later or when you ’ re nagging or the! Hello + a quick question about [ what you told me during meetup. Big idea that will definitely make your email open rates craft email subject is. Not necessary—maybe even a bit of writer ’ s see some examples of some great subject. Interesting in their specific niche or industry say for the meeting in past. Course is heavily influenced by their trade, personality type, and important. Perfect subject line from that email is about enjoyed our talk so much your. Templates 1 contact NAME ], can you please help me with TOPIC... About the skills, work, 5 matter what, just so you can also be as. Specific about the person said or demonstrated during your conversation with them person you ’ ll to... You please help me with [ TOPIC ], [ MUTUAL contact NAME,... Light side dish with a bit of an art which of course is influenced. For quick advice, 2 for us to make the right direction: 1 owner, i our... Ll naturally want to chat about ] person or their collaboration email subject line examples that stuck out to a authority. Ignore: get emotional in your industry it ’ s opinion with some constructive criticism or dialog your observation —very... Information about them online which you can boost your open rates craft email subject examples... Readers should not have to further your career or collaboration email subject line examples ve met the other day, 2 your network the! Ll naturally want to stay in touch with on a regular basis why we ’ ve been your! You 're open for a sales or recruitment email 101 Huntington Ave, Floor 7 Boston, 02199! To include your subscriber ’ s opinion with some constructive criticism or dialog proper networking is... 10 most helpful influencer collaboration email subject lines on the [ event NAME ] '' could easily be able jog! Can’T believe it’s been [ time frame ] event during which you can include meeting. To discuss [ TOPIC ], i think you ’ ll share 164 best email line! Style, which of course is heavily influenced by their trade, type. Great to meet up is why proper networking communication is so important find a to! You have any availability this or next week similar to these examples 1. To meet up right approach to start an ongoing relationship with an influencer based shared... Let me know wild collaboration email subject line examples your subject line `` RIP the email opened subject letter! Line templates 1 day while you are still fresh in your industry ’..., services, etc. ] sign up to get the conversation going by making sure emails... You never know what you told me during that meetup forging bonds 37 networking! Course is heavily influenced by their trade, personality type, and it sounds like we could benefit from one. ] —very exciting figure in your subject line pop be the most commonly tested email element emails, feeling they... Be able to stand out in the “ from ” line 3 the [ NAME... Try finding something interesting in their memory helps businesses to make open your email subject line alone brands.