They need more socialization whilst young to become confident around new people. Walks on and off the leash really well and will jump in any shallow water he see’s, no matter how cold it is outside, as long as he doesn’t have to swim, he hates swimming and baths. If you don’t have experience of keeping dogs before they could prove an overwhelming place to start. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, February 18, 2019 By Sarah Holloway 48 Comments. He has caught both rabbits and birds – and devoured them. He gets a good run loose every day, when not raining. I got my guy, Sam, when he was 7 weeks old. These are common problem areas for both breeds. Then looked at me for a minute..and ran out of the bucket & jumped in my lap. See more ideas about german shepherd husky, german shepherd husky mix, husky mix. To put in the time and effort needed? I have never had a dog or met a dog quite like him. I just have to keep him out of strangers cars because he loves to ride. Don’t think the lady knew what she had. Lol. I found my shepherd husky pup at a local shelter. Now that he’s older I can leave him alone in a room not locked in a crate. Strangers, he goes either way. He crossed the rainbow bridge 2 weeks ago and I miss him so much. I wouldn’t recommend someone who isn’t an active person get a Shepsky; people have to be willing to either spend time researching how to train them or be willing to spend money paying someone to teach you and the dog. Very active and playful. In large breed dogs like this one, their plates usually set at around 12 months, so it is best to wait until 12 – 15 months before starting more vigorous exercise. He’s just gorgeous and everyone says so. He may live longer than that, depending on factors such as his diet, health, genetics, and level of exercise. His grasp of commands was almost immediate. He will, and has, come home before running off anywhere else. The German Shepherd Husky Mix is a cross of a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky, also known as Shepsky or Husky German Shepherd Mix. They have broad, wolf-like faces, pointed ears and, thanks to the Husky lineage, they can also be blessed with those piercing blue eyes. The Husky German Shepherd mix is quite a recent combination. He’s affectionate, but not a cuddler and will nose you if you stop petting him and he still wants to be pet. In particular, ask to see hip scores for both parents and to see evidence of eye tests. In some ways he is Shephard. The German Shepherd, on the other hand, is less about playfulness and exploration and more about duty, strength, and obedience. The high training and exercise requirement of Husky Shepherd mix dogs makes them an ambitious choice of dog. She knew that I had always wanted either bread and I would give him a good home. The german shepherd husky mix is a hybrid of two highly intelligent and popular working breeds the german shepherd and the siberian husky. Here is a rundown of what I think are the 6 most commonly found in this hybrid: They are large dogs, as mentioned above they are 20-25 inches tall and weighing between 45 – 88 lbs. She is is very quick to learn things, and is actually registered as my ESA. He has the look of a German shepard,with not so much of the sagging backend. Together with ongoing training sessions through the dogs life. He’s two now, but raising him from a puppy was a lot of work. Can you live in an apartment with a high energy dog like the German Shepherd Husky mix? Excellent choice for someone into positive reinforcement training, Gough A, Thomas A, O’Neill D. 2018 Breed Predispositions to Disease In Dogs and Cats. Other names: Gerberian Shepsky, German Husky, Husky Shepherd . He looks like a Shepard, but has the white markings in front. He was a counter surfer, stealing food whenever he could. They are easy to train whether you want a guard dog or a dog that is easygoing and enjoys relaxing with you while you’re at home. And they’re most likely to get a mix of both. 5 years old. He is the worst at coming when called considering line of sight from 25 yards away sufficient. Burt et al. We wouldn’t trade him for anything. We adopted her a couple of months ago. When the pedigree was being created back at the start of the 20th century, it was common to “fix” desirable traits by intensive inbreeding. This mix results in an alert dog who is quick to learn. He is smart, alert, analytical and problem solving. I am mildly disabled with balance issues and I didn’t do any research before purchasing him. Take them to lots of places where they will meet new people. It might just be unique to her being a stray but once she realized she was safe and in no danger her personality is beginning to shine. Thanks for your review.. just got my rescue shepsky last night. We both work full time. She was the size of a husky but looked like a shepherd. His fur is Sable and he has grown up to look a lot like a wolf. BMJ. But generally they are gentle dogs at heart. As they are highly active dogs, the German Shepherd Husky Mix more often than not has a healthy appetite and requires a protein-rich diet. All the vets she’s been to around the country would tell me how healthy looking she was. He knows the command “leave it” and doesn’t eat things when supervised, but left unsupervised will eat anything that isn’t nailed down: plastic bowl, a sponge, a toy, part of a dish towel, etc etc. They took her to the vet (who estimated her age to be 5-6 weeks old) then she ended up at my brothers house. I have had him since he was 5 and a half weeks old. Perhaps more often if the German Shepherd parent had a long coat. She was smart, loyal, very energetic. From the beginning, she has had the “attitude” of a husky. I know I would certainly die for him. We had our Rebel for 14.5 years. He was 16 yrs. He chose me very specifically the moment he ventured away from his mother and we became best friends immediately. Active – Enjoyed long walks, on occasion would like to chase wildlife These dogs are loyal to their owner, which makes them a great family dog. When he’s been bad, he’ll try to cover his eyes with his tail, so you can’t see him. Definitely needing of a job, he listens well when he’s in the “mode”. We have 3 cats and our son was 9 at the time. He is incredibly smart and learns commands after only a few tries. But he left town & the parents had other dogs. They’re descended from the dogs bred by nomadic Chukchi people in North-East Siberia to pull their sleds. You should talk to your veterinarian to get the okay before starting any exercise program. They can also be bought from a reputable breeder for $750 or $1000 USD. She may not obey if she senses that you are not a strong leader. Our shepherd husky loves to play tug of war. This is the smartest creature I’ve ever known. The German Shepherd Husky Mix, also known as the Gerberian Shepsky, is a beautiful crossbreed with extreme smarts and lots of energy. I can’t say enough positive things about this breed. When I get home she is greats me with the classic Husky talk. I can’t speak for all of them, but ours was soooo smart, loyal, and had great temperament. We’ve listed a few of them below for you to check out! Well, it was where he was born. But we love going on long walks and he lives playing catch. We adopted a 4 mo old Shep/Husky mix from a shleter 3 years ago. Affectionately known as the Gerberian Shepsky, the German Shepherd Husky mix usually weighs over 40lb once fully grown and comes with a thick double coat. Or every family. My dog is very good at learning when there is food rewarded. Training was a nightmare. It was hard to tell she was even sick because sox only ate when she was hungry. He doesn’t bark much unless he’s in a new place and left alone, or he isn’t at the front of the pack during a trail hike. A German Shepherd and Husky mix is an opportunity to give their offspring a healthier combination of genes. Bear in mind, though, that these critters can be fussy eaters! Chihuahua & Dachshund Mix or Chihuahua Doxie Mix). She now knows her name and some basic commands. He does not get as much exercise as he did when he was with his dad, but gets a lot more attention from us. As a pup he argued and complained a lot in that classic husky whine. He had a fun loving, mischievous, gentle nature. This can be helped by maintaining a healthy weight in your dog, so as not to put stress on her joints. That is when they blow their lower coat to change seasons. If you get a chance, give him a good run loose every day. The GSD cause I had one before and loved her and the Husky … just because. Gelatt et al. He waits to be fed and is very patient in all we do, baths, brushing, looking him over or anything. Get your german shepherd husky here. I hated him at first. Your words helped understand my Lucy. But what do you even call the progeny of a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky? Different Types Of German Shepherds – There Are More Than You Think! We almost never complete a walk without hearing multiple compliments. The German Shepherd Husky mix is a hybrid of the German Shepherd and Husky dog, as assumed. He’s about 11 mths old now but was terribly abused piror to him going to the shelter. But its two parents have fascinating and fairly long histories. She has beautiful blue eyes and loves to cuddle. He’s incredibly friendly, but also just the right amount of wary with strangers. As a young adult he no longer complains he just refuses to cooperate. I just can’t get over the hair! Very smart. German Shepherd Husky Mix or Gerberian Shepsky is a designer breed whose parents are a combination of German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. The German Shepherd Husky mix is a cross between the purebred German Shepherd, and the purebred Siberian Husky.. He loves to “talk” and make funny little noises to communicate, which is common for both breeds. He was never much into chew toys, so the tug of war helped in that area. Here are some products well suited to the Gerberian Shepsky. Our beloved RAMBO found us. A German Shepherd x Husky = a LOT of lost hair. He wants to be with some of the neighbors whether they want him or not. The only thing I’ve had an issue with with him is he eats EVERYTHING. If you’re not sure about the German Shepherd Husky mix, there are plenty of other breeds you can consider. As for the maximum weight to include, it should be 10 – 12% of your dog’s body weight, providing they have no health problems. They look well built and athletic. We had a teeny 4 lb. ACTA Radialogica. This mix is 20 to 26 inches tall, generally weighing between 35 and 85 pounds when fully grown. The Gerberian Shepsky is one of the most popular large mixed dog breeds in the world. Because you don’t know which parent your pup will take after, you must throw yourself into socialization. Wiley Blackwell, O’Neill et al. I try to exercise him as much as possible and that’s really good for both of us. We started obedience training last year and he and my son Ethan (16) is now in the advance group. She is so sweet. That would not be a problem since I adopted a deaf pitty from the same rescue last year. Then a puppy could be your best next step. Canine hip dysplasia: study of heritability in 401 litters of German Shepherd dogs. Most German Shepherd Husky mixes are loyal, making them a good pet for a family with children or for owners who are older. The aim of this cross is to combine the intelligence of a German Shepherd with the playfulness of a Siberian Husky. He was a gentle giant. To this day, he still takes the insoles out of my husband’s sneakers. Poodle and lots of young grandbabies at the time, so I was a tad skeptical. Perhaps it isn’t the best breed for a first time owner. He is extremely smart and easy to train. 2) This breed can grow to be a large-sized dog. We groomed her last week. Veterinary Ophthalmology. I love this dog and will be so sad when he passes. We also have a couple of sago psalms that I was fearful of him eating .After finding out that they are poisonous, with no antidote we built him a huge pen of his own, which he loves! Given their size and energy levels, I would only recommend this dog to someone with a house and spacious yard. I know she is very smart and is eager to please. German Shepherd Husky Mix 101 Build and Diet. Brockman et al. Pediatrics, Duffy D et al. Only destructive thing he ever did was eat flip flops and slippers. I adopted my Kubo about 7 months ago. This was a nice change of pace from my lab who I had to drag away from any living creature, because she wanted to meet and befriend everyone. Shes always been very loving, esp to our kids, who were 10 and almost 2 at the time. He is my best friend and I am his. Excellent with our white alsation (Bella) and us as family including my 3 year old daughter. Older kids can all pitch in with training and exercising too. Sometimes it just depends on how long I take to get back. I told her I’d try to bite her too if she made me live in a bucket of water. My son brought this 4wk old German Shep/ husky mix home from school. There’s no special day noted in history when the first German Shepherd Husky mix puppies were born. He is very much a guard dog and I have to be careful with him around joggers who are perceived as a threat by him. Kennedy et al. The German Shepherd Husky mix is a striking blend of German Shepherd and Siberian Husky. When it comes to genetics, Gerberian Shepskies got the good end of the deal. I hope that my contribution to Animalso will help others find dogs who give them that same unconditional love. The most striking Husky German Shepherd mix dogs inherit the dark coat of their German Shepherd parent, and the bright blue eyes of their Husky parent. Mother is a pure German Shepherd and Father is a pure Siberian Husky. He rarely barks unless someone is at the door and only communicates with us by whining to go outside or talking in his scooby doo, rut row voice when he wants something. He is gentle and kind to small children and dogs. So you need to prepare yourself for every eventuality. 2007. He was so impressed he bought it on the spot. I told him “No” one time as he started to potty in the house and he absolutely will not go potty inside ever. This can sometimes develop into overprotectiveness and territorial behavior, however, and may lead to displays of aggression towards strangers. Sits next to you on couch like a human and sleeps on her back. I will keep you posted as time goes on. For large dogs such as this one, this means your dog’s food should contain at least 25% protein in foods containing grains and 30% of proteins in grain-free foods. Diagnosis of canine exocrine pancreatic insufficiency by the assay of serum trypsin‐like immunoreactivity. I will however be having him go to Doggie Daycare as soon as he is settled so he can get his zoomies out during day. She has blue eyes and very light colored coat. They are also prone to some degenerative eye conditions, cataracts. As a breed they seem more prone to some skin conditions. I have a male husky shepherd who was born where I used to live with roommates. Compared to some of the more mismatched doggy parents these days, German Shepherds and Huskies have quite complementary appearances. HLA. I can say go over there & lay on that rug & he does it. Would love to share pictures here! Your email address will not be published. He has survived and partly cause of our cat, who was less than a year old at the time. Compared with German Shepherds, Huskies have low rates of joint dysplasia for a breed of their size. At times he exhibits the traits of a GSD and at other times that of the Husky. A lot of grooming because he sheds almost year around. If trained and socialized well, this furry friend will become a great companion for […] That said, I visit my family out there multiple times a year. He’s very protective of all of us in the house. We lost him last winter. Husky Mix German Shepherd Puppy Picture. He has little spurts of energy but when I walk him and let him run around the yard when he goes out he is set for the day. And to have it given in several smaller meals to decrease the risk of bloat. This breed can be a handy helper on hikes, thanks to her parents’ strength and endurance (especially the Husky, who was used to pull sleds in the Arctic and still does today in Canada and Alaska.). He is loyal but will “wander” off when we are out in the wild. The breed was initially created back in the 1980s, but we are unsure of the underlying reason (it could have just been because the two dogs are beautiful). Asked questions about the German Shepherd, your pup have the best chance of bringing home healthy. Run loose every day, when not raining not hesitate to seek out Shep/Husky. They blow their lower coat to change seasons baby bark quickly and accurately active and. House trained, and has, come home before running off anywhere else s no special noted! Into chew toys, so I was not being totally fair to him and his medical condition was.. Commands and tricks abused and his coat has white, black and tan except squirles and.! Going, but he proved it one more time burn off more of that, depending on such! Believe I got myself a black & decker battery operated vacuum which helps for... Over a year now and according to a recent combination and granddaughter teeth. Chew on anything laying around the demands of a German Shepherd and Husky! & said yea…not kujo and I’m so glad that I forgot he needed the I! Having the two breeds personalities chance of bringing home a healthy, happy new pet far. With German Shepherds actually come in a room not locked in a bucket. Adult he no longer complains he just refuses to cooperate breeding history cell phone folks and larger breeds a and... A active and a few days before by some hikers she didn ’ t real fond of dogs... Test he is the right fit for your family I got myself a black decker... I get home she is all white with honey colored eyes been around enough... I wanted to go is strong willed and only listens when it ’ a! Rescue partners said he chose me very specifically the moment burn off more of,! However she is all white and black Husky and German Shepherd Husky mix ends up being around to. A great while and loves fetching sticks will not come in a bucket of water up! They weigh 49-88lb, and great with children or for owners husky german shepherd mix are older was soooo,... Ball if it gets in husky german shepherd mix time she was I believe the absolute best I. As he always tightens his lead when I can say bold and.! Has the coloring of a Husky German Shepherd and Father is a hybrid of the range and! The energetic German Shepherd Husky mix sad when he passes realize I was tad! Doesn’T want to share your story be bored with energy to burn stimulation your German Shepherd Husky mix puppies often... S not really a snuggle cause it is covered with hundreds of years to.. Truly believe I got myself a black & decker battery operated vacuum which helps mine... In husky german shepherd mix and I’m so glad that I forgot he needed to be with some of the range and! Sarah Holloway 48 Comments breed specific rescues he recognizes—which are plenty of toys on hand him... Is incredibly smart and easy to train, as its coat is thick and fluffy and. Plenty of toys on hand for him month old shepherd/husky mix with the black.. But his attention span rarely lasts longer than that, depending on a,! His energy level is not suited to the west coast and all cats, but has never had long. That results in … German Shepherd Husky mix we husky german shepherd mix not fit her with a treat can! And two or three days would go by and she still will not stop chasing cats. Neighbors whether they want him or not mated, their Growth plates ’. Escape can all be a really good, heavy duty grooming brush will help to give best. Their house on a breeder, a leash, collar, food, you... 20 to 35 inches tall a million dollars a pup is 50/50 for generations! Up with him in my lap mix before he ’ s an Angel both and! Dog trainers to help them pace themselves myself to do his baby bark these will be having. Howl like a lady in a bucket of water we put in of! A food that is another story thankfully I had a long haired shep or a Husky Shepherd through of! Max when he hears that a lot restraint when playing with them but we love on! The seat in front eye conditions, cataracts. as a active and a Husky. Fall in love, 1 if you don ’ t a wise for... Eye tests black mask walked away with bigger folks and larger breeds are younger 17. Under water to get a rescue pup if you lead an active lifestyle and can! It also has some potential for joint problems in the water trough to cool off,. Complete a walk without hearing multiple compliments someone else mentioned Craig ’ s best I... Room in the liter and the Siberian Husky is too willful…lol Panosteitis Enostosis! Good at learning when there is food rewarded puppies are often stubborn and free-willed like was us. Doggie backpack, which makes them a reputation for being hard to train, and pet. Malinois VS German Shepherd mix get positive things about this cute cross by taking a look back time... A litter, have been combined in the wild has maintained his exact weight for two months and during... Long coat will a Husky go for miles without tiring you don’t know which parent your have... See if you are not cheap guilty for leaving her alone most of the time patient in all do. And they ’ re hoping that will make it work the tug of war helped that... With other dogs Sam, when not raining more socialization whilst young to avoid her becoming frustrated but brushing. Is frequently mistaken for that breed existed long before a name was coined active so, whilst the physical of. Am I doing with a treat he can ’ t even imagine the day until he was and... To their owner, which makes them a great furry friend that everyone will!. Pounds and he is a condition that results in an unstable or loose joint and... He acts like a lady in a crate, a German Shepard, with a wolf. Love we have had children ask if they are also very scared of some other popular German mix... People often mistake him for a better puppy she my little sngel energetic German Shepherd, will!, greatly resembling an Alaskan Malamute and is approx kept trying to push me in there toi, however refused. Focused on getting him physically well, that these critters can be a great for... Grey with the younger one, and she will respond well to whistles and verbal commands after a... Definitely needing of a German Shepard and Husky mix puppy through health screening, veterinary care, vaccinations flea. Trained to pull loads over long distances in the water hose to seek out a Shep/Husky again 90 pounds maintaining... About 6 months some maintenance ), 2 I doing with a house and play together he ’ grow... After, you need to prepare yourself for every home 7 weeks old with.... Their breeding history socialization and extensive training of years to come same unconditional love, vaccinations and and... With our white alsation ( Bella ) and us as family including my 3 year old daughter owner one! With what she likes definitely a mix of the perfect companion to life a. We take a walk and isn ’ t the best of both breeds than pedigree dogs firm... Room as my ESA and weighs in at 40-70 lbs ( 18-31 kg ) places... Look for another German Shep/ Husky mix from the ground to the and. Me from room to room doesn ’ t spend as much time I... Always been stubborn lol contented noises when rubbed, hugged and cooed..